“Masterchef” Josh Marks Dies at 26

Source: CNN

On Friday October 11, 2013, Joshua Marks well-known from season 3 reality cooking series  ‘MasterChef’ was pronounced dead after a self-afflicted gunshot wound according to Chicago Police. Reports have said that Marks was diagnosed with mental illnesses prior to taking his own life Friday night.

According to John Maribelli, spokesman for Chicago Police witnesses are being questioned and security cameras are being reviewed in the Chicago south side area where Marks body was found.

Upon his sudden death, Marks had recorded a public service message highlighting his mental illness for the program Make a Sound Project. Friend and founder Mike Castaneda have reacted throughout media outlets replying “I will miss Josh more than anyone will know” said Castaneda.

In addition, the foundation recently released a statement saying “he had a great heart and wanted to do what he could to help kids who struggled with thoughts of suicide or depression. He was the most kind, gentle man”.

Source: Make a Sound Project

Ultimately, Chef Marks became an integral part of The Black Culinary Expo team and contributed to making many events a success. He showed himself as an ambitious and quiet man, always willing to help those around him. At this time, our deepest thoughts and prayers are with his family who are undeniably going through such hard times.