Chef Competition Entry Form

Top Chef Competition Rules/Regulations

FEE: $75       Purchase Your Entry Here←

What: Culinary Chef competition.

Each contestant must prepare one “main course” dish. The competition may be split into two segments dependent on the quantity of entries. Each winner will receive the “Black Culinary Expo Top Chef” award presented by a sponsor. Each contestant is allowed one (1) assistant.

When: September 1, 2018 | 3pm until 5pm

Where: BKLYN Commons, Brooklyn, NY

Contestant will supply:

  • all Food (Must Be Listed)
  • any and all cooking/preparation tools needed (example: grill, electric skillet, knives, cutting boards, wash basins, etc.)
  • potable (drinking) water
  • ingredients that may be brought to the competition: herbs, spices, basic condiments, thickening agents, oils/butter, vinegars, flavorings and mayonnaise
  • presentation items — each contestant will be required to present one (1) plated dish for each of his/her preparations
  • Contestants must provide one (1) portion for each of the three judges of each dish made
  • Contestants are allowed to bring serving trays for their own presentation purposes

Judging: A drawing will determine the contestants’ judging order. There will be three judges. Each contestant’s total entries will be given a cumulative score based upon three categories — 10 points each for appearance, taste, and creativity — for a highest possible score of 30.

How to enter: Anyone interested in entering the competition must fill out entry form below and submit form and payment no later than July 1st, 2018

One thought on “Chef Competition Entry Form

  1. J. Thomas says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I am interested in competing at the at the expo, but I have a some concerns. If the are any slots available for the savory foods competion at this time? Are competitors allowed to bring supplies in deli cups as opposed to original packaging? I would be traveling from Philadelphia with limited space in my hotel to store food items. Also if my plans are only to compete that day what ticket do I purchase? I look forward to your response.

    Thank You,
    J. Thomas

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