10 Black Owned New York City Restaurants You Should Visit

With New York being the city that never sleeps, one can imagine the many activities to indulge in while here. Whether you’re a tourist or native New Yorker, not many people can say they’ve seen all the big apple has to offer, especially in terms of food.

For those of you who want to attempt it why not start with some of the city’s black-owned restaurants. Yes, you read that right black owned. Even with gentrification at an all time high there are still places that exist within our communities that feel like home.

Here’s a list of 10 I think are worth visiting at your leisure.

Sweet Science 135 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Located in Willamsburg Brooklyn Sweet Science is known for the serene atmosphere equipped with a bountiful bar. The menu features classic items like the sweet science wings to the Joe Louis Burger. Continue reading